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About the Damon Bracket System

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The Damon Bracket system is a revolutionary product that can reposition teeth faster and more comfortably than "traditional" bracket systems.

More than 2 million patients have already experienced the Damon System. It is a whole new treatment approach that aligns your teeth and enhances your facial aesthetics - usually without tooth extractions or rapid palatal expanders. See our link to as well.

Many patients see a noticeable change not just in their teeth, but in their entire face. We call this the Damon System Bracelift™, which can provide not just straight teeth, but also a broader, natural smile that is fitting with facial features and does not appear artificial in nature.

Broadening of the dental arches is often linked to increased space for the tongue within the oral cavity. In some instances this can lead to more favorable tongue posturing and improvements with snoring and sleeping. Dr. Seligman is not a physician nor claims to be a so called sleep expert, but his patients report that they often get a better night's sleep, can breathe better through their nasal passages and have improved levels of energy all due to changing the architecture of their oral cavities.

Both children, adolescents and adults can benefit from the Damon System and achieve beautiful results in less time and more comfortably than they've ever imagined.

Quicker Results

Studies indicate 20% faster results with the Damon System. This is partially due to passive self-ligation (PSL) which is how the archwire is affixed to the brackets or braces. Traditional bracket systems require a metal ligature or colored elastomeric "tie" to hold the archwire in place on the bracket. This creates friction or dragging on the force created by the archwire, slowing tooth movement. The Damon System utilizes a small gate/door that snaps shut securing the archwire in place but allowing it to slide freely as the teeth move.


Better Oral Hygiene

It is far easier to keep braces clean that do not have a metal or colored elastomeric "tie" in place. These ties are used to hold the archwire in the braces themselves and sit against the enamel of the teeth for up to several weeks between appointments. The Damon System utilizes a tiny and hygienic "gate" that decreases the ability to attract dental plaque. This gate is a part of the brace themselves and therefore, does not touch the tooth surface or enamel. For this reason there is a far less likelihood of enamel decalcifications, or permanent "white spot" markings which can result from poor hygiene practices while in treatment.

Greater Patient Comfort

Clinical studies indicate greater patient satisfaction with the Damon System. In assessing their level of satisfaction with treatment, patients reported an average of 60% less discomfort than those treated with conventional braces. Patient acceptance and enthusiasm about the Damon technique was uniformly and exceptionally positive according to these studies.

Damon Aesthetic Option

Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System, which combines tieless brackets and high technology archwires that are clinically proven to move teeth fast and comfortably with spectacular smile and facial results while being more discrete due to its almost clear formulation.

Dr. Seligman is among the top orthodontists in the United States who was asked on a by-invitation only basis to participate in the clinical trials for the Damon Clear braces. He and his team were able to beta-test the product and supply the manufacturer with insightful feedback to improve and then launch the product world wide. This makes Dr. Seligman one of the first doctors in the greater New York City area and in the United States to use this amazing product