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about the damon bracket system

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The Damon System is a revolutionary product that can shift teeth faster and with an increased level of comfort over the “traditional” bracket systems.

Over 2 million patients have already experienced the advantages of the Damon System. This is a whole new treatment approach that enhances your facial aesthetics while aligning your teeth. The Damon System is typically able to achieve excellent results without the need for tooth extractions or rapid palatal expanders. See our link to as well.

The Damon System Bracelift™ is the term we use to refer to the final result which is not limited to straight teeth. Patients also benefit from a broader, natural smile that is fitting with facial features and does not appear artificial in nature.

The broadening of the dental arches increases the space for the tongue within the oral cavity. This can lead to more favorable tongue posturing and improvements with snoring and sleeping in some patients. Dr. Seligman is not a physician and does not claim to be a so-called sleep expert. However, Dr. Seligman’s patients report increased quality of sleep, increased ability to breathe through their nasal passages, and improved levels of energy. This can all be explained by the improved architecture of their oral cavities which resulted from orthodontic treatment.

Damon System is appropriate for children, adolescents, and adults to achieve beautiful results in a reduced period of time and with a high level of comfort than ever imagined possible.

Quicker Results

The Damon System has been proven in clinical studies to achieve results 20% faster than traditional braces. This is possible with the innovative passive self-ligation (PSL) which is used to fix the archwire to the brackets. Traditional brackets require a metal or elastic tie to hold the archwire in place on the bracket. This antiquated system causes friction on the force created by the archwire and therefore slows down tooth movement. The Damon system relies instead on a small gate/door that secures the archwire in place while still allowing it to slide freely as the teeth move.


Better Oral Hygiene

Since the Damon System utilizes a tiny and hygienic “gate” that decreases the ability to attract dental plaque, it is easier to keep braces clean. This gate is a part of the brace themselves and does come into contact with the tooth surface or enamel. This decreases the risk of enamel decalcifications or permanent “white spot” markings which can result from poor hygiene practices while in treatment.

Proven Greater Patient Comfort

In studies, patients treated with the Damon System reported 60% less discomfort than those being treated with conventional braces. The same studies found that patient acceptance and enthusiasm about the Damon technique was also overwhelmingly positive.

Damon Aesthetic Option

Damon Clear is an aesthetic option offered by the Damon System. Damon Clear offers the same tieless brackets with innovative archwire technology, the fast and favorable results, and same comfort than the rest of the Damon System. However, Damon Clear has an important advantage: it is almost invisible due to its clear formulation.

Dr. Seligman was one of the first doctors in the United States to use the Damon Clear braces. He and his team were invited to participate in the clinical trials for this new tool. Their valuable feedback was key to the improvement and launch of the product world-wide.