The face of orthodontics is changing as we speak …

Orthodontics on Park Avenue in New York City.

Welcome to our website. There has never been a better and more technologically based time to consider orthodontic treatment.
We are an orthodontic practice that exclusively specializes in providing customized, comprehensive orthodontic treatment to
patients of all ages. Orthodontics is no longer simply a specialty that is dedicated to creating perfect smiles and tooth alignment,
but has now and more importantly taken its focus to creating balance between both facial structure and features, airway,
temporomandibular joint (TMJ) status, and the surrounding teeth. We are located on Park Ave on the upper east side of New York
City. We feature a pleasant, forward thinking office environment, the latest in clinical techniques and a warm and friendly team
of professionally trained staff. This group of hand-picked professionals is dedicated to creating an experience which extends beyond
conventional orthodontics. Each team member is an extension of Dr. Seligman and we hope that you find your experience to be truly

We hope this website is informative and provides you with a comprehensive feel for our practice. Dr. Seligman and his team of
caring professionals look forward to meeting you.