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Treatment for Patients of All Ages

Interceptive Care

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Early intervention is treatment at an age when a patient has both primary and permanent teeth; this is referred to as mixed dentition. Treatment at this stage of growth can help avoid permanent tooth loss, enhance facial growth, improve airway architecture, and reduce treatment times and even achieve better results for future treatment.

Adolescent Care

Adolescents are a special age group, requiring special attention. Perhaps most importantly patients at this age need to be engaged and made to feel part of the overall plan. We make a special effort to help our teenage patients understand the WHY'S about their treatment with the hope that they will want to add to the final outcome. We want each patient to realize that treatment results depend on their participation. By utilizing Damon technology it is the hope to reduce treatment time without compromising treatment outcome, avoid permanent tooth extractions, and provide teen patients an experience which can be completed before "burn-out" can occur.

Adult Care

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"Brace-lifts." Adults are amongst our favorite patients! We enjoy the discussions and the interaction that is typical of our adult patients. Many require a collaborative effort between several specialists in achieving the optimum results. This is oftentimes due to periodontal and other restorative issues that may be necessary due to the natural aging process. Many of our adult patients had previous orthodontic treatment when they were teens or adolescents. They may have had permanent teeth extracted and are now seeing a collapse of their dental arches and supporting facial features. This is among the number one group of adults who are seeking orthodontic treatment today. Their restorative and reconstructive plans reach beyond teeth only and in many instances are truly transforming experiences that involve orthodontics as the foundation of their care.

We work hand-in-hand with each of our patients to explain in detail our recommendations for care and the realistic expectations for their results. Since adults are the fastest growing group to be seeking orthodontic care and often involve specialized treatment plans which involve implants, periodontal issues and on occasion surgical intervention Dr. Seligman has surrounded himself with experts in all areas. When necessary he will direct you to these specialists to insure that all aspects of your needs are met. This multi-disciplinary treatment planning is what makes adult orthodontics both challenging and so rewarding at the same time. It is one of Dr. Seligman's favorite aspects of orthodontics.